Queue Management Call ktp-10
Wireless guest paging & queuing system includes one transmitter and ten pagers. When customers arrive, they are given a pager with identifier which will enter into pager queuing automatically. After getting the pager, customers are free to take a seat or roam nearby. Staff inputs the pager number and reference in transmitter, the pager alerts in sound ,light and vibration to call the customers back to their meal or queue when it is ready. (one transmitter and ten pagers) ◆When the pager beyond inspection range, will notify by alert mode of sound, light or vibration.    
Price: EUR 290.00
Technical details
Pager - 102 x 50 x 11mm Base- 300 x 150 x 34mm
Operating frequency
433,92 mhz
Signal receiving radius
150m in an open space
Operating voltage