Work monitoring

Through our display and computer, you can track calls in real time when the guest called the waiter, and compare with the time when the order was typed, keeping in mind how much time a waiter needs from ordering to serving the guest.

The same system can be applied in other spheres to keep track of where you lose in business when a mechanic arrives to repair a line or in many other ways.

Kozlovic obrt

Istra, Croatia

Communication kitchen – waiters

One of the most important communications, the chef easily calls the waiter he wants via the button.

There is no shouting and the food is not chilled.

Club restaurant Giardino

Novi Sad, Serbia



Application in production


When a worker has a problem, he can call his superior or technician at the touch of a button, and at the same time he can give him information on whether the fault is small, major or needs additional material.

The technician gets information on which worker is looking for him and what kind of problem he has. The whole system can be monitored via a monitor and see the time when the worker called, how long it takes the technician to fix the problem and other information.

Aster tekstil Nis, Serbia


Saler line order control system

Queue control system, so-called redomats can be used anywhere more clients are waiting for one or more services, it can be used in banks, post offices, municipalities, etc …

Municipality Kursumlija, Serbia



Communication in production

We have an example of the fantastic application of wireless communication in production at the Leoni factory – our systems are available in all branches.

Each worker has a button through which he can easily call the line controller or the mechanic in case of any problem with one press.

The system can be detached so that each worker can call his superior.


Company Leoni

( Nis, Prokuplje, Malosiste, Kraljevo )

Invitation of the waiter by the guests

An important application of wireless buttons is the invitation of the waiter by the guests. The guest does not wait for the order, and the waiter can be called in case of an additional order or invoice. Very useful for gardens, remote tables, booths, upstairs or ground floor tables. All buttons are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if the guest spills water or rains.


Hotel Gacka *****

Mojkovac, Montenegro


Application on construction sites

For Energogroup, we have completed the work with the workers’ elevators, where the worker would know which floor to take the necessary material to the future business complex of Kula 2 Usce with the help of the display in the elevator. Each of the elevators has a display through which it monitors the call, the system can be divided into even and odd elevators, and in this case has a range of 22 floors. (102 meters)


Company Energogrupa – Usce Kula 2

Belgrade, Serbia


The keys can be mounted (screwed on) and removed as needed, or inserted into the stands